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Toxic Effects of Herbicide Glyphosate, GMO Foods on Developing Children

Like most mothers, Zen Honeycutt had trouble making sense of the information and misinformation surrounding the effects of genetically modified foods on growing children. At the young age of 8 months old, one of her sons began experiencing concerning allergic reactions to milk products. Then when he was five years old, he had a nearly fatal reactio...
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Low AMH...Now What?

When you've struggled with getting pregnant for years and are finally given a medical diagnosis of low AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone), high FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone), low ovarian reserve or premature ovarian failure, it can make you feel helpless, in shock and like the doors are closing in. I vividly remember leaving the ob-gyn
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Is Sugar Affecting Your Fertility?

When attempting to start a family - we learn fairly quickly the importance of nutrition. But did you know that just as there are nutrients that assist and sustain healthy fertility, there are also anti-nutrients that can negatively affect your fertility? An anti-nutrient is a " natural or synthetic compound that interferes with the absorption of vi...
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Chlorine - Trimming the Family Tree?

Do you remember the days when spending a lot of time in the swimming pool meant your or your friend's blonde hair was going to look more like a green tinged dye disaster? (A tell-tale sign that you spent a great deal of time in chlorinated pools.) This chemical has been long used to help keep swimming pools clean, but did you ever stop and wonder ....
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Fluoride - Your Next Contraceptive?

We've all heard of fluoride - most commonly from our dentist. We are encouraged to use toothpaste that contains fluoride and it's very common for children to receive fluoride treatments as they grow. Most of us also know that it's in our drinking water; this mass medication through water systems, was considered safe, and was implemented around 1951...
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Can Everyday Plastics Make You Infertile?

Bisphenol A , or known simply as BPA , is a chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins for the last 60 to 70 years. In 2008, when this chemical started making headlines no one paid much attention. However, that tide is finally turning and BPA has become a scary topic garnering much attention.Let me tell you why. First, because ...
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Fertility Essential Oils: Rose

Stephanie Fritz, licensed midwife and certified professional midwife, shares with us in her book several essential oils to help with PCOS, unexplained infertility, endometriosis, low ovarian reserve, male factor infertility, and repeat miscarriage. She also talks about a recommended blend of oils that will provide additional support for fertility i...
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Fertility Essential Oils: Clary Sage

Using essential oils for fertility is an enjoyable way to work toward healing fertility issues, promoting reproductive health as well as reducing stress. As you read through my interview with Stephanie Fritz, licensed midwife and certified professional midwife, you are presented with a special recipe blend (found here ), that she recommends for hel...
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Infertility: It brought me to my knees

Okay maybe you are like me and you don't consider yourself a crier. Hey I am a strong woman. A solution focused woman. If I want something, I go out and get it. I like to say, no one will tap you on the shoulder and just give it to you, you need to go and get it. Now I used this same approach when I was dealing with infertility. I found out that I ...
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Fertility Teas and Herbs - Could They Be Harming Your Fertility?

Fertility Teas and Herbs  - Could They Be Harming Your Fertility?
I'm excited to interview Gabriela Rosa for the blog!
 Gabriela Rosa is an internationally renowned natural fertility expert, the founder and clinical director of (an integrative medicine, global practice servicing patients all over the world) and the host of the free #14DayFertilityChallenge program. Through the use...
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