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Sacral Chakra Energy and Fertility

Sacral Chakra Energy and Fertility

Chakra means "vortex" or "wheel" in Sanskrit. 

The Chakras are the energy system of the body. 

There are 7 main Chakras starting at the base of the spine to the crown of the head. 

You cannot see them, but they are swirling wheels of energy that affect our emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual well being. 

Blockage in these energy systems can lead to imbalance in the body. 

Which can cause illness, unhappiness, chronic conditions and disease. 

Through yoga, breathing and meditation, you can practice tapping into these energy centres to activate prana (life force energy) to free up vital energy to feel more vibrant and healthy.

The 7 Chakras

The second Chakra or Sacral Plexus

The second Chakra or Sacral Plexus (Svadisthana) represents creativity, fluidity and fertility

It is located 2 inches below the naval in the abdominal area. 

This chakra is associated with the uterus and ovaries in woman and the testes in men, kidneys and bladder. 

It is represented by the colour orange, element is water and the ruling planets are venus and the moon. 

Indications of imbalance in this chakra is: feeling of being held back, lack of creativity, suppressed needs for love and affection, feeling like you do not deserve pleasure or abundance. 

When the Sacral Plexus is in balance you feel positive, creative, responsive to change and release feelings of anger, guilt and hurt.

How to access this energy centre

To practice getting in touch with this energy centre, start with this visualization and meditation practice. 

Sit in a comfortable spot on the floor. 

Place a small pillow under your lower back to lift the hips and elevate the spine. 

Place your hands on your belly, take a deep breath in and let it out slowly. 

Start by picturing a glowing orange light under your hands. 

Breathing into this centre and focusing on the in and out of your breath. 

Visualize the orange glow getting stronger and more intense. 

Try this for about 3-5 minutes.

Yoga Pose: Goddess Pose

Step your feet wide, turn your toes out. 

Bend your knees and sink your hips. 

Make sure your knees are in alignment with your ankles. 

Place your hands on your thighs and draw your tailbone down, lifting the pubis bone. 

Breathe deeply has you begin to move side to side, rocking your pelvis back and forth.

Bring awareness and focus to the reproductive organs as you sway. 

Take 10 breaths in this pose visualizing the ebb and flow of the ocean waves. 

This pose helps you build strength and allows you to connect deeper to your body. 

Increases circulation and makes space in the pelvis. 

Hear your body calling out: Listen, you can TRUST me.

Thanks to Amanda Stevenson certified yoga teacher which specialization in prenatal and fertility yoga for the great information!  

Goddess Pose

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