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Fertility Preparation Program

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Over the years our body can accumulate toxins from our foods (processed foods), personal care products (many contain chemicals that effect your delicate endocrine system), pesticides such as glysophate (which is a herbicide used to kill weeds and is a known endocrine disrupter) and high a stress lifestyle.  

When I am working with my clients and ask them what do you eat, many of them answer that they eat a healthy diet. However, a diet that is designed to prepare your body for baby, will look very different from a normal healthy whole foods diet. There may be foods that are new to you, exotic or foreign sounding!  Don't worry you'll be able to find them at your grocery store!

This program is full of nutrient dense foods that will help with hormonal function, egg and sperm health, fetal development and much more!

It will give you the building blocks to ensure you and your child receive the optimum nutrients required to give him/her the best start in life!

The science behind the program is built on the Fertility Diet. This Harvard University Study of over 18,000 nurses over a period of 8 years.  They found that changes to a Fertility Diet showed a 80% decrease in infertility with lifestyle changes made by switching to a fertility diet. Women with the highest fertility diet scores ate less trans fat, consumed more protein from vegetables than from animals, ate more fibre and iron and took more multi vitamins.

The benefits include providing the body with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for optimum health. It also may decrease the chance of miscarriage due to stabilizing blood sugar levels and overall support a healthy reproductive system! 

Fertility Preparation Program includes:

  • Recorded calls – beginning and end of the program
  • Community support with Facebook Group
  • Chef Prepared Recipes
  • Meal Plan
  • Grocery Shopping List
  • Essential Oils - recommendations
  • Supplements - recommendations plus discount
  • Fertility Yoga - tips to do at home!
  • Fertility Acupressure - the exact steps to do at home!
  • Fertility Massage - how to perform abdominal self massage!
  • Bonus #1- Fabulously Fertile ebook
  • Bonus #2 -Fabulously Fertile ecookbook

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