Food Sensitivity Test Review


Learn if a food sensitivity is causing inflammation in your body and not allowing you to get pregnant or carry a baby to term.

***Please note the cost of the Food Sensitivity Test is not included – (cost varies between $ 300 – $ 550 USD) ***


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The majority of couples who we work with – tell us that they don’t have a food sensitivity. However, when they take a food sensitivity test.  It turns a high percentage do have a food sensitivity.

It is important to note that we don’t focus exclusively on the results of the test.  We look at your health history and make customized suggestions that help prepare your body for a baby.

Whether you have low AMH, premature ovarian failure/insufficiency, repeat miscarriage, unexplained infertility, fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis or male factor infertility – a customized diet is KEY.

A food sensitivity is a stressor on the body – and if your body is under attack it wants to survive not to procreate.

And while you may have tried lots of diets to maximize your fertility and not noticed any improvements – that’s because that diet worked for someone – but may not be the right diet for YOU!

Check out our Food Sensitivity Podcast for further details here.

Your review options (we highly recommend adding the DUTCH and GI MAP to your review – as this gives us the best information to develop a targeted protocol):

Review includes 60 minute consultation (review of health history intake form) plus follow up a with additional 30 minute consultation.

  • The cost of the food sensitivity test is in addition to the cost of the review (this fee is paid directly to the lab).  Cost varies between ($ 300 – $ 550 USD).
  • The food sensitivity test options include Leap MRT, Zoomer and IgG.  We will determine which test is best for you – after we review your health history.
  • Please email us for the cost of the Leap MRT test at [email protected] or schedule your free consult to chat to see which option is right for you



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